Jeff Balek - drums and vocals

Jeff Balek – drums and vocals


Okay, you are wondering how this band got such a goofy name. It’s all about the drummer, Jeff Balek, who is totally blind. No doubt about it, Jeff is definitely the driver of CBD’s music; he makes it crisp and tasty. Don’t worry, though – they don’t actually let him get behind the wheel on the way to gigs.



Jenny at Landolfi's

Jenny (Balek) Schmidt – bass and vocals

Caution! Blind Driver is a family band, and that’s what makes their music special and their performances so much fun. They are all on the same page musically and love playing together.


Jenny (Balek) Schmidt, bass and vocals, brings a special sizzle to the show with hot covers of hits by Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Miranda Lambert, Blondie, and many more.





Tom Balek - guitar, bass, and vocals

Tom Balek – guitar, bass, and vocals

Tom Balek’s soulful guitar riffs and vocals reveal decades of tunework in smoky blues bars, rock clubs and rodeos. Tom also writes and records originals.


If your fun tank is almost empty, catch this band at a live show. They will fill you right up.